THE year 2015 or the year of the Wooden Sheep will have businesses keep their momentum of businesses, according to Feng Shui enthusiast Edgar Hao.

“The year of the Sheep will be better than last year. This is a year good for business and opportunities,” Hao said in an interview on Tuesday.

The year of the Wooden Sheep which will officially kick in on Feb. 19, has the sense of balance as all the five elements including wood, water, metal, fire and earth will be found in this year’s Feng Shui chart, which serves as their guide in making predictions.

“There is momentum. The balanced astronomical signs signify a year of prosperity and a year of opportunities. The presence of fire element, for instance, will continue to push opportunities especially in business,” said Hao, who has been practicing practical Feng Shui for 15 years.

2 elements

The year of the sheep is symbolized by two elements— with yin wood sitting on top of earth.

Although this signals disharmony as the “wood conquers earth on the destructive cycle,” such conflicts, according to Hao, may be more easily resolved with compromise and concessions in 2015 as the nature of the yin wood is a flower which is easy to adjust directions and is much more flexible.

“Yin wood symbolizes the small branches of tree which is not stubborn and can easily adjust to changing circumstances. With such character, expect 2015 will be comparatively less violent than 2014,” said Hao.

“In 2015, the flexible and more moderate character of yin wood represents compromising attitude and makes it easier to reach agreement between conflicting interests. As such, it will be easier to arrive at solutions and make treaties to resolve conflicts and struggles,” he said.

The traits of the sheep —harmless, calm, innocent, gentle and spiritual will influence 2015.

The lucky color for this year is green.

According to Hao, the wood earth element of 2015 is expected to bring prosperity to wood industries and metal industries.

Businesses in textiles, environment, paper, magazines or those with wood-elements will do good this year so are metal industries like banking, machinery, cars and engineering.

Property sector

Fire element businesses such as stocks, finance, energy, power generation and oil will also have an active year. Earth industries such as construction, property, agriculture, chemical and insurance, will likewise, enjoy a strong year which would result to a tougher competition.

“There will be strong movement in housing and property sector and with this movement, a tougher competition can be expected. The year of the Wooden Sheep would bring in many competitors in the scene. So those, real estate-related firms that aren’t in the organization, network and system will have difficulty in competing this year and onwards,” said Hao.

This year, however, is unfavorable to water-oriented businesses, fishing, travel, airlines, clothing and imports and export.

To create prosperity, Hao advised consumers to be wiser in spending their money and for businessmen to invests in projects not only out of profit but those that would benefit a huge number of people.