... PRESIDENT AQUINO KISSING POPE’S RING: Not only did the President kiss Pope Francis’s ring when he arrived in Malacañang, he bowed his head when he did it. No, he didn’t kneel but he also didn’t raise the pontiff’s hand to his lips. Kissing the pope’s ring, the Vatican says, is acceptance of the Pope’s authority as Christ’s vicar on earth. Do you kiss the Pope’s ring if you meet him? Only if you’re a Catholic and

the Pope offers his hand.

People earlier wondered if PNoy would kiss the ring. He’s the president of his country who’s not subservient to another sovereign of a state.

In other countries, the chief executive just shakes hands with a visiting Pope.

... KRIS’S ‘PRIVATE’ MEETING WITH POPE: Movie star and presidential sister Kris Aquino posted on Instagram a photo of her kissing, on a bended knee, the Pope’s ring. And some online comments made fun of her claim about a private meeting, when most probably there were other public officials and civic personalities also present. Maybe, she meant it wasn’t like she met him after mass at Luneta or during the assembly in UST: that kind of private. And maybe it’s not true that Pope Francis asked, “Who are you again?” Even if he did, that shouldn’t devastate Kris who said she had met him previously at the Vatican. The Pope meets lots of people and at 78 probably couldn’t remember many of them.

Mike denies rumor about 2 city mayors

THIS is double hearsay: a radio commentator quoted a cousin of the Cebu City mayor who had quoted the mayor. Both sources said it publicly: the broadcaster in his radio program and his source at an interview forum.

Choy Torralba of dyRF’s “Tug-ani ang Lungsod” yesterday said on-air that he asked Ricky Rama Poca, a “Cebu Daily News” opinion columnist, at the 888 Forum, an interview session at Marco Polo: Are the rumors true that Mayor Mike Rama is romantically related (“ka relasyon” or KR) to Catbalogan City Mayor Stephanie Uy-Tan?

Ricky told the forum he had asked Mayor Mike about it. Mike answered: “Naunsa gud ka.

‘Gaw, I am loyal and true to my one love.” Or words to that effect.

If that “one true love” is not Mayor Steph, it must be the one the people of the city

of Cebu have linked with Mayor Mike these past many years.

P.S. Choy also asked a Sinulog official who had met the Catbalogan mayor if she is as beautiful as widely talked about. The answer: She is.

By the way, both mayors are deemed legally single. So is the “one true love.”

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