A LENDING collector was robbed and killed in Barangay Langtad, Argao, Cebu before noon yesterday.

Maria Piliton, 35, a native of Mantalongon, Dalaguete died after a man slashed her neck.

PO1 Cliffor Botron, investigator of the Argao Police Station, identified the suspect as Rhine Jimenez, 28.

According to the police's initial investigation, Piliton was collecting money in the area when Jimenez allegedly attacked her.

Piliton was employed by Centennial Lending and was temporarily staying in Barangay Suba, Argao.

Jimenez allegedly slashed the woman's neck with a scythe and ran away with Piliton's bag.

Argao Police Chief Alejandro Batobalonos said that Piliton had only collected P300 from two people when she was killed.

But the police have yet to determine if the bag contained the victim's personal money.

Jimenez's wife told police that the suspect arrived home with blood on him.

"Niingon siya nga nakapatay daw siya. Nanglimpyo sa iyang kamot daun nilakaw (The suspect told the wife that he killed someone. He cleaned his hands then left)," Batobalonos said.

Jimenez also told his wife to bring him his clothes because he will hide in the forest.

When the wife asked who the victim was, Jimenez didn't answer.

Batobalonos said that the suspect had no derogatory or criminal record in the barangay and police station.

But the police received a report that Jimenez is allegedly an illegal drug user.