OF THE 12 members of the Talisay City Council, City Councilor Eduardo Gullas III had the most number of absences from July 2013 until this year.

Gullas, the youngest member of the City Council, incurred around 36 absences, 15 of which were sick leaves, 14 unspecified absences, four are special leaves, two forced leaves and one vacation leave.

The City Council recently concluded its 80th session last Tuesday.

This is based on a recent report provided by the Talisay City Council Secretariat after City Councilor Dennis Basillote sought for a record of attendance of the councilors.

When sought for comment yesterday, Gullas refused to issue any statement.

Gullas is the grandson of former Cebu Rep. Eduardo Gullas and the younger brother of incumbent Rep. Gerald Anthony “Samsam” Gullas (1st district, Cebu).


Basillote, a member of the city’s minority bloc, said that while he has no intention to have Gullas disciplined before the council, he only wants their constituents to see on who is really working in City Hall.

But Talisay City Vice Mayor Romeo Villarante said Basillote and his allies in the council need two-thirds vote to have Gullas reprimanded.

Aside from Gullas, City Councilors Edward Alesna and Aldin Diaz incurred three absences.

Villarante and City Councilors Valeriano Ylanan, Doroteo Emit and Association of Barangay Councils (ABC) president Raul Cabanero logged two absences each.

While Councilors Richard Francis Aznar, Socrates Fernandez and Antonio Bacaltos Jr., logged one absence each.

Only Basillote and Danilo Caballero were the only officials in the City Council with no absences.

During this week’s regular session, Basillote reminded City Council secretary Emigdio Enjambre Jr. to provide them with an updated list of their attendance.

Basillote clarified that he was not seeking to humiliate the city councilors, but only to “remind the city’s voters who they voted for.”

“Ang akoa lang kay makahibaw ang mga Talisaynon kung nagserbisyo ba ang ilang mga konsehales (I just want the Talisay public to know if their councilors are really serving them),” Basillote added.

Basillote, a former member of the Alayon Party, is currently allied with Talisay City Mayor Johnny De los Reyes.

But Villarante, in a separate interview, said that while Gullas has been absent during some sessions, he cannot be reprimanded as the young councilor was able to provide an explanation for his absences.

Based on the City Council’s Internal Rules and Regulations, aside from improper decorum during a session, a city councilor can be reprimanded if he commits four consecutive and unexplained absences.

Fernandez, on the other hand, said Gullas’s absences could be attributed to his studies.