DAVID Wilde x Zeejacob, an experimental hip hop duo, released their first single, entitled "Ersh," on October 23 on Spotify, iTunes, Tidal, Deezer, Amazon.com, and more.

An accompanying lyric video is being released on YouTube the same day. Watch this.

Ersh is a gay Cebuano slang word used to poke fun at rich people.

"'OMG! You guys! You know last year, when I spent that summer in Paris and we were on Champ Ely-ersh, ersh, ersh, ersh, ersh...' That's what gay people in my city hear when they listen to rich people," David said jokingly.

The verses are written first in English and gradually transition to Cebuano and Bali Bali/Ilab Ilab (gay Cebuano slang). An English translation of the verses is offered in closed captions on the YouTube lyric video.

"I wrote it when I was venting about this user I had to see a lot of back then. He was from out-of-town and always tried to make his life out to be glamorous but in reality, he was struggling to pay the rent and would take advantage of people I knew," David explained. “It started out as a rant but the more I wrote, the more comedic it got.”

David Wilde, an openly gay Chinese-Filipino rapper, makes up half of the duo with Zeejacob, a masked straight beatboxer. The instrumentals consist primarily of filtered looped beats straight out of Zeejacob’s mouth.

The newly formed pair is set to release a music video and fresh singles in the coming months.

For more information or inquiries, contact David Wilde at davidwildexzeejacob@gmail.com or mobile (from the US/Canada) 011639173089868 or (from other countries) 00639173089868.

You may also visit the following links:

Facebook: fb.me/davidwildexzeejacob

Twitter/Instagram: @davidwetnwilde and @iamzeejacob

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iTunes Link: https://itunes.apple.com/ph/album/ersh-single/id1045993056