HONG KONG- a metropolis so dense yet exciting, vibrant, its scenes constantly shifting to retain its air of mystery. It needles on the curiosity of travelers to become a favorite destination for millions. They swear they cannot get enough of the place.

"The gateway to the China" is known for its skyline and harbor, shopping and, of course, the cuisine. All these you can experience without leaving a single property along Canton Road- the Marco Polo Hotels.

In the recent dinner hosted by the team from Marco Polo Hong Kong - General Manager James Ong, Director of Communications Samantha Poon and Head of Sales Sonny Ang- pointed out three good reasons why we should be in Hong Kong soon.

First, the Marco Polo hotels-Marco Polo Hong Kong, Gateway and Prince- will make ideal residences for a shopping mission with the Sale season kicking off on the onset of the Christmas holidays towards the Chinese New Year. The property connects to Harbor City, a shopping and dining mecca in the heart of Tsim Sha Tsui.

The hotels' Great Winter Escape package guarantees hotel perks like room upgrade and dining outlet discounts, plus exclusive discounts to selected labels at the mall.

Second, the hotels will put on your hands the power of unlimited connectivity on the house. Check in and scratch off data roaming charges from your expenses and add the savings to your shopping budget.

"The 'handy' is a smartphone for travelers with the power to keep guests connected while exploring the city," said Ang.

What it means is free access to unlimited 3G mobile internet and instant access to hotel concierge among others. Plus, dig this, free calls that go beyond local numbers. Try international. Yes, calls to China, Philippines, Japan, USA and the UK are free. Just in case you want to touch base with family and friends, or confirm shopping orders.

Third, there's another free treat at Gateway Hotel, the lifestyle hotel of the Hong Kong chain. How about lavishing in an urban chic chamber with complimentary mini-bar?

It's been a while since I've seen the dazzling display of lights in the harbor, maybe it's time to see it again.

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