A MEDICAL student was arrested after he allegedly tried to force a police official to perform oral sex inside the comfort room of a shopping mall in Cebu City last Sunday night.

Ghukmelie Ezeal, 30, a Nigerian national who temporarily stays in Barangay Talamban, Cebu City, is at risk of being deported.

He was charged yesterday with direct assault, grave oral defamation and unjust vexation before the Cebu City Prosecutor’s Office, said Mabolo Police Station Chief Hartzel Peter Billedo.

The 52-year-old police official whom Ezeal allegedly assaulted, who requested that his name be withheld, told reporters it was the strangest thing that has ever happened in his life.


On his day off, he went to the shopping mall, located on Cardinal Rosales Ave., together with his wife past 6 p.m. He parked their car on the second floor of the mall’s parking area.

Before he went inside the mall, the police official went to the comfort room.

Upon entering the toilet, which was open, he saw Ezeal, who stands 6’3”, relieving himself in the urinal. He apologized.

Ezeal reportedly told him, “It’s okay”, and motioned for him to go inside. The police official, who wore civilian clothes, proceeded to the toilet bowl; he and Ezeal stood back-to-back.

While he was relieving himself, he said, he noticed that the Nigerian had turned his back. He took a look and saw that Ezeal was facing him, and the latter’s genitals were exposed.

The police officer said his head was suddenly shoved into Ezeal’s groin. He was able to stop before touching the Nigerian’s penis, which was only inches away. “Hapit gyud, gamay nalang kuwang,” he said.

He then told Ezeal that he was a police official. “Giingnan man hinuon ko niya nga (He told me), “You’re an idiot. Monkey. Kiss my ass,’” the policeman said.

The 5’4” officer held Ezeal’s hand and placed him under arrest, but was overpowered.

He was pushed into the wall and Ezeal allegedly ran away. He tried to chase the Nigerian, but lost him.

The police official then informed the mall’s security about Ezeal. Twenty minutes later, the Nigerian was apprehended outside the mall.


Bastos gyud kaayo iyang gibuhat. Unsa na lang gyud diay iyang pagan-aw nato (What he did was rude. What does he think of us)?” he said.

Ezeal was detained in the Mabolo Police Station. He refused to be interviewed.

Billedo told Sun.Star Cebu that a Nigerian priest, who serves as a liaison officer for other Nigerians living in Cebu, told him that Ezeal is a medical student.

Chief Insp. Wildemar Tiu, head of Police Station 2, said that the police will send a copy of the case to Interpol and the Bureau of Immigration (BI) 7.