TEA comes in different flavors and profiles-cooling and astringent flavor, slightly bitter, or gives the hints of sweet, floral, grassy or nutty notes.

From its origins as medicinal drink in China, tea found its way to the West. Drinking tea became fashionable among Britons in the 17th century and its consumption was elevated to a social event.

Today, majority of the population of the United Kingdom enjoys tea, making it as one of the country's cultural beverages. In tea parties and afternoon teas, the beverage is served with scones, clotted creams and jams.

While different cultures prepare this aromatic beverage differently, from the simple pouring of hot water over cured leaves to a ceremonial affair, it's the teabag phenomenon that gave "easy access" to enjoying the most widely consumed beverage in the world, after water.

From the UK to Davao, Marks & Spencer brings a collection of flavorful teas in teabags.

The Marks & Spencer teabags contain only the soft, young leaves of the bush are hand-picked for this blend, when they're just at the right stage of maturity. The gentle handling and careful selection means that the leaves aren't bruised or damaged before the tea making process begins.

To ensure high quality, all the M&S teas use a range of carefully chosen teas from some the world's best known tea-growing countries, all checked and tasted by our expert tea blenders.

80 EVERYDAY TEABAGS. M&S Everyday Tea has a smooth, refreshing flavor, perfect for drinking at any time of the day.

BREAKFAST BLEND TEABAGS. M&S Breakfast tea has a lively, brisk flavor that's a great pick-me-up and naturally refreshing.

LUXURY GOLD TEABAGS. Teas destined for M&S Luxury Gold are always specially preserved at origin to retain their exceptional flavors. M&S Luxury Gold Tea is unlike any other tea, with a "true" tea flavor- full, yet naturally smooth and sweet.

EXTRA STRONG TEABAGS. M&S Extra Strong tea has a rich flavor that's deliciously full-bodied without tasting stewed.

GREEN TEA TEABAGS. M&S Green Tea is light, delicate and refreshingly crisp.

DECAFFEINATED TEABAGS M&S decaffeinated tea has a smooth, refreshing flavor, perfect for drinking at any time of the day.

Pair any of the M&S tea flavors with one or more of the rich-tasting M&S tea biscuits, you are ready to host your own tea party.

DARK CHOCOLATE JAFFA CAKE. Golden sponge topped with tangy orange and half coated in dark chocolate.

REDCURRANT PUFFS. Light and golden puff pastry biscuits, with a fruity filling made with redcurrant juice.

BLUEBERRY PUFFS. Light and golden puff pastry biscuits, with a fruity filling made with blueberry juice.

SHORTBREAD FINGERS, LUXURY SHORTBREAD ROUNDS, SHORTBREAD SELECTIONS. Rich, Buttery shortbread biscuits baked in Scotland to our exclusive recipe.

DUTCH SHORTCAKE CHOC. Melt in the mouth shortcake, dipped in Belgian Milk Chocolate.

OAT CRUNCH BISCUITS. Packed full of rolled oats.

DIGESTIVE BISCUITS. Made with demerara sugar for crispier, crunchier texture.

RICH TEA FINGER BISCUIT.Made with melted barley, perfect to dunk.

CUSTARD CREAMS BISCUIT. Sandwiched with smooth vanilla flavor cream.

MILK CHOCOLOATE DIGESTIVES. Digestive biscuit half coated in smooth milk chocolate.

DARK CHOCOLATE DIGESTIVES. Digestive biscuit half coated in smooth dark chocolate.

Enjoy your favorite M&S teas and M&S tea biscuits at a discount. From February 22 to March 21, Marks & Spencer is offering a 30% discount on traditional teas and 15% discount on tea biscuits.

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