NATIONAL Capital Region Police Office Spokesperson Police Chief Inspector Kimberly Molitas underscored the importance of the community in winning the war against terrorism.

Monitoring terrorism in Baguio, Molitas said continuous dialog with the Muslim community should be initiated to be educated on the dynamics of how they live their lives, especially the spiritual aspect, and avert discrimination.

"The threat of terrorism is always there. We need the public to be very vigilant, informed and educated on what extremism is really about," Molitas said.

"We are also happy that we have the cooperation of the Muslim communities helping us so that we really bring across the right message to them and to the youth who are now being curious about extremism and terrorism," she added.

Molitas further said, "We need the community to help us fight this because most of these terrorists go on the ground. Unfortunately this did not happen in the Marawi siege; we wished that we had more information when it was on the process of recruitment aside from meetings being held prior to its operation."