THE Aeon Towers, a project of the FTC Group of Companies, promised it will take down "the highest arm of the crane" to meet the October 30 deadline set by the Davao City Council.

Aeon Towers project manager engineer Boboy Espinola, in a statement on Wednesday, said the management is deeply apologetic for the inconveniences their crane has caused the city.

It has been pointed out in the past days that the cranes installed on top of the construction exceed the allowable height of obstruction to a flight landing path.

"We shall fully abide by the directive of the council to dismantle immediately the highest arm (boom) of the crane. We shall exert all means to meet the October 30 deadline," Espinola added.

He said that they have doubled mobilization of their labor starting Tuesday afternoon to ensure the safe compliance to the directive.

"We will work overtime in deference to the instruction of the city council," Espinola said.

The City Council on Tuesday directed the Aeon Towers to expedite the removal of the boom of the crane from its high-rise project along J.P. Laurel Avenue.

The City Council, during the session presided by City Vice Mayor Paolo Duterte-Carpio, acted on the complaint of the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippine (Caap) that Aeon Tower's crane is causing disruption to air traffic.

Aside from the directive of Council, the mayor told the developers of Aeon Towers to take down their boom cranes immediately or else the building will never be allowed to open.

Should the developer continue to ignore the order, the mayor added, she will order the demolition of the upper parts of the building and charge the cost to the developer, so that the height of the crane will no longer be considered as an obstruction.

Assistant Davao City Administrator lawyer Tristan Dwight Domingo, in a media interview last Monday, said the city has given a five-day deadline to the developer of the establishment to comply with the city's directive or else the city will be pushed to seek legal remedies.

Based on Philippine News Authority report, the Caap already gave notice to Aeon a month ago to remove the crane as it is obstructing the landing path of the runway 5 of the Davao International Airport.

According to Caap, the height of the 33-storey building passed the height clearance but when the developer set up the boom equipment, it exceeded the allowed height.

On the same report, Caap officer-in-charge Hector Nabua said that the boom equipment is detected by the aircraft's sensors and alarm forcing an abort landing or miss approach.

Nabua, in the same report explained that with this problem, Caap closed runway 5 for all pilots approaching DIA because of the obstruction.

All pilots were then directed to land through runways 2 and 3 (over Panacan area).

Nabua said Caap negotiated with the developers but they only moved the equipment horizontally to clear the landing path.

He said that the landing through runways 2 and 3 is okay for now because the wind is favorable for landing.

But if the wind changes direction in a month, Nabua said that Caap would need to open runway 5.

He said if airplanes land with the wind, the tendency is they are pushed more causing to overrun the runway.

"This is a safety hazard," Nabua said.