THERE’S a philosophy when it comes to using essential oils and more than just applying them topically. Last Oct. 18, guests were treated to a DIY (do-it-yourself) mini-workshop and were shown the many ways to use essential oils to improve one’s health and disposition in life.

Pure Bliss Essential Oils (PBEO), a group of wellness advocates, partnered with 32 Sanson by Rockwell and introduced a wide set of blends of beyond organic essential oils thoughtfully developed for over 20 years by Young Living, a world leader in essential oils.

Present at the event were doctors Marissa Yoon and Nathalie Durano of PBEO by Young Living, independent distributors of the brand, who shared their experiences and the benefits after using them first-hand and encouraged guests to try it out themselves for a more balanced life.

These blends can be used three ways: diffused, applied topically or ingested (in the case of the Vitality Line of Young Living). A wide variety of blends are available each with a purpose. Some of these are lavender which promotes sleep and calms the mind; lemon which contains anti-viral and antiseptic properties; frankincense which helps with the immune system, allergies, bites; and “stress away” which helps overcome exhaustion and elevates the mood. These blends can be used individually or mixed with other blends using only a small drop. One can create and play to achieve the desired effect or benefit.