ALL Souls' Day and All Saints' Day are special days marked in our calendars every November. It is a time to gather and visit our loved ones who are already one with God through another life. To have advance preparations here are some tips for a hassle free visit to your departed ones.

1. Plan ahead

You can buy a week or days earlier some candles to lit at the cemetery. You may also bring your own flowers and avoid buying candles near the cemetary as they may be a little bit pricey.

2. Protect yourself

Bring necessities such as sun protection or mosquito repellant. If you are bringing foods in your visit, do not forget to bring tissues, alcohol, or wipes to keep yourself clean.

3. Expect heavy traffic

You may read through the closed roads or re-routed areas which your vehicles can favorably pass through. You may also opt to pay your respects a day earlier, or early hours of the morning if you want a silent remembering moment with your loved ones.

4. Follow the cemetery house rules

Do not bring sharp objects, liquor, lighter, drugs, or objects that create loud noise in the cemetery if you do not want any of your property confiscated. If you have time read newspapers or read public service announcement in television or listen to the radio on the prohibited acts in the cemetery in your specific locality.