AN end to the “injustice” done to him and the people of Cebu City is what former mayor Michael Rama wishes for as he celebrates his 63rd birthday today.

“Justice will be given unto me, and justice will be given unto the people of Cebu on the ferocity and atrocity of issues, and sense of vindictiveness that is felt by the entire constituency of Cebu City,” he said.

“Immeasurable justice from the countless oppression not only to me but the people of Cebu. We don’t deserve (this) and the businessmen as well. They don’t deserve this oppression,” he added.

The former mayor, in a news conference yesterday, said he will continue to fight for the review of all the votes cast during the May 9 polls last year.

Rama was defeated by Mayor Tomas Osmeña by 34,036 votes.

A year later, an inventory of the ballot boxes from 168 precincts under protest was attended by City Election Officer Atty. Marchel Sarno, City Treasurer Tessie Camarillo and representatives of Rama and Osmeña.

The ballot boxes are now in the National Commission on Elections (Comelec) warehouse while waiting for the recount.

Rama said his election protest filed before the Comelec Second Division is “alive and kicking.”

He said his legal counsel are now working on settling the next set of payments involving his protest so that it can proceed to the next step.

Rama disclosed that he received a written order from Comelec last Oct. 18 providing the forms and procedural payment.

“My lawyers in Manila are filing the necessary pleading. I have money deposited there for the purpose of commencing the proceedings,” he said.

Rama said he will call for a meeting with his legal counsel next month to discuss the election protest.

He added that he is also constantly in contact with defeated vice presidential candidate Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr., who also filed an election protest against Vice President Leni Robredo last year.

“He got zero votes in the Autonomous Region of Muslim Mindanao. In a way, it’s similar to my case. It’s statistically improbable,” Rama said.

He said it’s impossible for the Barug Team Rama standard bearer to lose, considering that almost all of the group’s councilors won.

He is also hopeful that Councilor James Anthony Cuenco, who was dismissed from public service by the Office of the Ombudsman, can return to his seat in the City Council after filing a motion for reconsideration before the Court of Appeals.

As to rumors that there is an impending suspension against Osmeña, Rama said he will not be surprised if it happens given the successive cases filed against him. (RTF)