Michelle: Claire is often told that she’s beautiful. But she doesn’t have suitors. She’s the reserved type. Is there something she needs to change to make her attractive? Personally, I believe there is always room for improvement and if Claire thinks that she can enhance or even improve something about herself physically or maybe in her attitude or character, then why not? But to change herself just to please other people or to fit into a certain mold, I think she’s better off trying to know more about herself and appreciating who and what she is, inside and out.

DJ: Confidence is that thing that everyone wants and many people don’t have enough of. And it’s pretty hot. This is where Claire might consider zeroing in. Full on acceptance of who she is—her strengths and flaws—grants a person a certain poise and charm. People go where they are pulled. And since the self-assured are usually fun to be with, it’s no surprise that they also attract.

M: If Claire is already at an age where she thinks that she might be taken off the market, then I understand where she is coming from. I married late and believe me, there comes a stage when you ask yourself if there is something wrong with you. Thoughts like these can make one feel insecure or anxious and sometimes these emotions make you feel unattractive. There is nothing wrong with being reserved as there is nothing wrong if one is the outgoing, loquacious, life-of-the-party kind of girl. Maybe it takes time for others to see and appreciate our uniqueness.

DJ: Notice how the world bombards us with what beautiful or handsome should look like? We know it’s close to impossible to meet these standards created by tricks of makeup, lighting, filter and Photoshop! In the same way, Claire should not measure herself against her concept of perfection. It might be cool for her to get into a process of knowing and appreciating herself better. She can also emphasize a thing or two that she likes about her appearance. Acting as well in accordance with the Golden Rule will also make her feel good about herself which usually does wonders for her self-confidence. Confidence is attractive, as is treating others with kindness and respect.

M: If there is one thing maybe Claire can change to make her more attractive, it is to believe in her worth as a woman. It is said that you have to love yourself first before you can love others. Since many tell her that she is beautiful, I don’t think she has to change the way she looks just to get a suitor. But maybe she can smile more. As they say, you’re never fully dressed without a smile! Dress better, yes. Kilay is life, yes. But more importantly, don’t think that you are less lovable, or less worthy because you are not in a relationship. Love life and love will surround you!

DJ: The thing is, if someone doesn’t believe in herself or himself, why should anyone else? Claire’s going to head for the big time once she’s able to effectively squash her self-limiting beliefs. Thinking positive and acting like a woman who believes in herself will take her a long way. It’s likely for her to fake it until she makes it. But in time she’ll feel more confident to act with confidence.