IT’S every underwater macro photographer’s dream subject and for so long, it was like the Holy Grail, a longed for subject that was never found.

There was an old photo of one, and there are underwater substrates that look like it could be home to this colorful fish in the family of the poisonous scorpionfish. But there was simply no Rhinopias found.

Until this year, and there was more than one… there was a whole dive spot with the red, yellow, peach, white, and purple Rhinopiases. We were in heaven.

On my first dive a few months back, I only found the adult red one. Current was also very strong, which made taking photos a bit difficult.

But earlier this month, we saw them all in relatively calm waters, and they were a sight to behold, especially when the red Rhinopias made its way to the purple and posed for us as a duo.

A very rare and beautiful sight, indeed.

Now, if only all dive guides and spotters and divers will not cause any harm to them, then by themselves they can draw in more visitors.