IT'S Halloween—that time of the year when people get to transform into different kinds of personas.

From movie characters to mythical creatures, and even mundane everyday items, people can get very engaged in their costumes. Whether it be political, sarcastic or just plain silly, Halloween is a great time to get your creative juices a-flowing in making a standout costume.

But what if the budget is tight on Halloween night? That wouldn’t mean that one would skip this Halloween tradition. Just put on your thinking cap and come up with a fun costume by using cheap materials you can find around you.

Here are some Halloween costume ideas to make this frightful night a memorable one.


The easiest one to make!

What you would need: An old bed sheet or blanket and some scissors to cut out holes for your eyes. Get creative by dressing up the sheet with some makeup, like use a red lipstick as “blood” where your mouth should be.


Express yourself through nonverbal gestures with this costume.

What you would need: All the basic clothing from your wardrobe: black pants and a black shirt or a white-and-black striped shirt. Buy some cheap white face paint to put on your face and use black eyeliner to put details on your face. Complete the outfit with some white gloves or a black bowler hat if you have them. If you don’t, no one’s going to kill you for that.

A Big Kid

Relive your childhood in this costume!

What you would need: Get your old photo albums out as reference, and look for a fun outfit you’d usually wear as a kid. Be it be comfy pajamas with pigtails and your old stuffed toy, or a simple t-shirt and shorts combo with flip-flops, going as a little kid is simple—and it’s so comfortable too.

Serial Killer

For the laziest people out there.

What you would need: Just go with anything that’s in your closet because—dun, dun, dun—anyone can be a serial killer. You can bring around a funny looking toy for a prop. And don’t forget to stare at people in a creepy way.

Error Code

Kind of lame, but it works.

What you would need: A white t-shirt and some fabric pens. With your best handwriting (or not), write “Error 404: Costume not found” and go on your way.


It’s a little arts and crafts, but definitely a fun and simple costume!

What you would need: A clear umbrella and simply tape the stingers around it. You can use strings, ribbons or any fabric for the stingers.

Dog food

Warning: Dogs might follow you around the whole night.

What you would need: A big empty sack of dog food. Simply cut holes for your arms and legs and that’s it! A costume is born.