WHO’S going out tonight? Check this list of pros and cons when you show up to a party as your favorite musician.

Michael Jackson

Come to a party dressed like the King of Pop and love the attention.

Pro: You’ll be popular.

Cons: People will expect you to have killer dance moves and to speak to them in a soft, mild-mannered and high-pitched manner for the entire night.

Bono of U2

Leather jacket and all, be the Irish rockstar almost everybody adores.

Pro: It’s a simple look to pull off.

Con: You’ll have to wear dark sunglasses in a party—at night.

Elvis Presley

When you step in as the King of Rock and Roll, people know you’re in the building.

Pro: It’s hard to miss someone who’s wearing all white.

Cons: Some of the younger crowd won’t get you. And are you ready to carry that southern accent the entire night?

Taylor Swift

Blonde wig, red lipstick and a cute dress.

Pros: When you’re in character, you’re essentially hate-proof. Guys will love you too.

Con: It’s really hard to tell what look Taylor is going for currently so you risk looking lost.

Dua Lipa

Sultry, exotic and a head turner.

Pro: You’re going to a party in 2017, right? Then you just look the part.

Con: She’s got this crop top thing going on so it might get a little chilly.