BLESS Kuya Kim, the news teams and the snippets of information they frequently share to go along with our preparation for #Undas2017.

Giving respects to the dead, long after they're gone is truly engrained in our culture as Filipinos, like with other races that put high value to family and traditions. Hence, as early as today, people will start flocking to cemeteries, cleaning tombs, bringing flowers, lighting candles and most importantly, praying.

But aside from these practices, I've jotted down few things we've all---not only millennials -- grew up with:

1. Dressing up like it's... For some reason, young people need to wear a well-planned, outfit of the day or "OOTD" like it's already Simbang Gabi. Which brings us to...

2. Roaming the cemetery to say hi to people we know - We stand by the graves like it's nobody's business the whole day. But once we get bored, we patrol the cemetery like it's a runway. Never mind the heat, we walk across the narrow streets---in throngs! Then we...

3. We dine and "tagay"- Because it's basically a family reunion, food is always in order. And even though liquor is prohibited, some are so good in sneaking them in. Not to mention that the sidewalks are lined with food stalls for snacks and refreshments.

4. "Takutan pa more" - Yes! We do share ghost stories (from personal experiences to passed-on tales to scare our cousins until one of us cries. Thanks to Kabayang Noli and all the Halloween specials we've seen.

5. Play with fire (literally) - Leave the neon-lighted toys and inflated minions to kids. We play with melted wax like we're invincible to pain. Then, we turn them into balls like it's a play-doh. We often get scold by our elders, but who cares? The person who's able to form the biggest one wins. Some even scout to the neighboring gravesites to nick candles left by other people. This is so classic!

6. Put candles on the doorstep - We also light candles in front of our houses so our departed relatives won't visit us. (Seriously?) While others believe that this light will guide the souls on their journey to afterlife. (Now this is this more acceptable)

7. Offering atang (food and drink for the souls) -As we dine and enjoy our favorite food, we also allot some to be offered to the latter's grave or special spot at home.

8. Rent a videoke machine - Undas has truly evolved from a solemn commemoration of the dead to a celebration with the living.

Well, aside from the Facebook feeds and Instagram stories that are bound to come, I guess, the same old tradition goes on and on after all.

We may have different ways to celebrate these times, but I'm pretty sure that in everyone's hearts, all of these are to honor and remember our loved ones.

Have blessed holidays!

Stay Active until our next chat!


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