WHEN we asked our followers on any hair-raising places in the city, we expected to get scared but ended laughing on how witty and hugoteros they are.

Apparently, Dabawenyos has a different definition of scary, some are terrified with their ex's cold heart and their angry mom's broom waiting to slap them when they come home from a night’s out with barkada. These are some of the top comments on our post:

1. (At Abreeza Mall's entrance, their doors would just open even if nobody touched it. Maybe they forgot to include it during the blessing ceremony.)

2. (In Bankerohan Public Market! Some of the vendors fool you, after picking a fresh fish they change it with old ones under the weighing scale. You'll get terrified with your own anger!)

3. (In our home! When my wife gets mad, it's the scariest… must run)

4. (In Acacia Street, some kids will annoy you asking for coins, "hey give us five or we'll spit--!" hahaha.)

5. (In Greenwich Gmall, I was eating alone and got up to get me some water but when I got back to my table, they already cleaned my table. What)

6. (In our college building. You'll hear a lot of crying, especially if it's releasing of cards already.)

7. (In --, they get you to pay for airconditioning but we see no A/C. -.-)

8. (Buhangin and Indangan jeepneys are so creepy, you'll be shocked your face has turned white)

9. (In SPC, I was brokenhearted twice there. Don't study or even visit it, you'll just end up getting hurt.)

10. (I was just eating by myself in Victoria and some people started approaching me asking if I am open-minded and the horror started...)