DESPITE being tagged as allegedly Cebu’s biggest drug lord, Barangay Duljo-Fatima to Jeffrey “Jaguar” Diaz continues to command loyalty from some, as shown by the number of people who showed up at his grave to light candles and offer flowers.

Diaz’s newly-painted mausoleum is in the interior of the Calamba cemetery, the biggest graveyard in Cebu City.

“It has been two years since his death but I continue to offer candles and flowers in his grave,” Boy, 41, who requested not to be named, said.

Boy brought with him his three young girls aged two, four and 11.

“My children knew him. His kindness to us and how he gave us a home inside the compound will never be forgotten even in his death,” he said.

Boy said that he was the caretaker of Diaz’s dogs and he attested to the alleged drug lord’s generosity.

“He didn’t choose. He was not selfish and would give you what you needed,” he said, pausing for a while to say a prayer for Jaguar. He said that he has been living inside the Diaz compound for almost 10 years for free, which he said has been a big help to his family. “In his words, he told me, ‘No one can kick you out of here unless I say so,’” he said.

Boy said that he does not believe the rumors that Diaz is still alive and is hiding somewhere.

“If he were alive, why would I even bother to come here to his grave.? He is dead and he was the Jaguar who was buried here,” he said.

Diaz was killed in a police operation in Las Piñas City last June 17, 2016. At his funeral, more than 2,500 mourners from Duljo-Fatima gathered and gave Diaz their version of a hero’s burial. (JOB)