DRIVE about almost an hour in the North of Johannesburg, South Africa and you will find yourself in Sandton - home of the best steaks in the world. Not only does it offer perfectly cooked slabs of beef and other amazing eats, it also has a national park that is home to more than hundreds of wild animals.

Despite its history and countryside charm, it has blossomed into a cosmopolitan and is now Africa's richest square mile. This is partly due to the up and coming culinary and tourist offerings among its many other facets.

On my recent visit, instead of exploring the wonders of the city, I found myself digging into one of the best steaks in the world - no pun intended. It was so good that I couldn’t help myself but devour two cuts of prime cut beef all at once.

Nestled in the Protea Hotel By Marriot, the Bullrun Restaurant may just be the perfect haven for foodies. The establishment boasts of a rich countryside manor that opens up to a patio allowing diners to enjoy the warmth of the open air while savoring a good serving of African steak and creamy mashed potatoes.

Since they have more than fifty varieties of wine, taste as many as you want and when you need to soak up some of that alcoholic glory, try one of their specialties: the Biltong.

This extravagant dish costs twice the price of a prime cut T-bone. It consists of stripped beef spiced and smoked to perfection before being griddled in the pan. The recipe that originated in South Africa and Zimbabwe has become a favorite among the locals. The smoky, sweet and spicy combination adds to its exceptional taste.

Apart from the famed steak, the restaurant also has a wide variety of beef and lamb in small and huge portions. It is paired with the cheesy jalapeño fries or the mashed potatoes.

As if I wasn’t satisfied, I munched on a Seafood salad that surprised me. Who would ever thought that deep-fried strips of crab and calamari complement well with the leafy greens? Right after I tasted it, I was instantly hooked. Imagine the right crunch with sweet cherry tomatoes and the tangy goodness of the citric sauce - it would definitely cure anyone’s heartache.

Ending my food adventure, I savored on a heavenly dessert. The Amarula Malva pudding is unique and has its own way of luring you in. The moist banana cake that has the right crisp on the outside is covered with chocolate, caramel and warm custard. It gives you a melt-in-your mouth sensation the moment you munch on it.

After my culinary escapade, I was full for the entire day. True to their words, I literally had a good run at the Bullrun. The next time you visit Johannesburg, make sure to include it at the top of your list and get ready to set your tastebuds to max out in this restaurant!