THE members of the Abu Sayyaf Group (ASG) have released an elected town official they seized over a month ago in the province of Sulu, a top military official announced on Thursday, November 2.

Released one month and five days after the ASG members seized him was Councilor Ezzedin Suod Tan of Jolo, the capital town of the province of Sulu.

Brigadier General Cirilito Sobejana, Joint Task Force Sulu commander, said Tan was released around 9:29 p.m., Wednesday, in the village of Buroh, Talipao, Indanan, Sulu.

Sobejana said Tan was found to be in good physical condition “except for some mosquito bites on his arms” as he undergone medical examination at Camp Bautista Station Hospital in the village of Busbus, Jolo.

He said Tan went home and reunited with his family after undergoing “a debriefing as part of the procedure.”

The Abu Sayyaf bandits seized Tan around 6 p.m. last September 27 in the boundary of the villages of Timbangan and Tagbak in Indanan town.

Tan was with a group of 12 bikers traversing the road between Timbangan and Tagbak when six Abu Sayyaf bandits led by ASG sub-leader Alden Bagadi alias Sayning waylaid them and forced Tan to board on a Tamaraw FX.

At the time of the incident, the group were returning to Jolo after making a turn in the town of Maimbung.

Tan is also a member of the Tausog Bikers Club aside from being a councilor of Jolo, Sulu. (SunStar Philippines)