VEHCILES in the city that are compliant to the smoke-emission standard is high as compared to those who failed, a local environment official said.

Virginia Pusod of Davao City Environment and Natural Resources (Cenro) said that most of the vehicles traversing the major thoroughfares in the city are compliant to Ordinance No. 0280 or the Anti-Smoke Belching Ordinance enacted in 2006 that seeks to protect the city's air quality.

She, however, was not able to prepare the data on the number of violators.

According to her, regularly, there is an Anti-Smoke Belching Unit (Asbu) deployed on the streets to enforce the local ordinance and sanctioned those violators.

Thus, they urge drivers to follow the standard and get their units checked and undergo maintenance so it would not contribute to air pollution considering that mobile sources has the largest percentage in terms of air pollutants.

The Asbu apprehending officer will issue violators an emission discharge ticket (EDT) and give a fine of P1,000 payable to the Davao City Treasurer's Office (CTO) within seven days.

If the vehicle is suspected emitting smoke beyond the prescribe level, the Asbu officer will also issue notice of testing and would go to their testing motorpool area in Maa, Davao City.

Airshed Focal Person of Department of Environment and Natural Resources-Environment Management Bureau (DENR-EMB) said they are strengthening their information drive to let the public know about air protection and raise awareness on air pollution.

They are also closely coordinating with law enforcement agency on mitigating the air pollution from vehicles.

"We encourage LTO (Land Transportation Office (LTO) na dapat ilang operationalized ang ilahang MVIS or Motor Vehicle Inspection System at the same time strengthen monitoring of our private emission testing center," he said.