RETAIL prices of rice in Davao Region have generally increased as of September compared to their prices during the same period last year.

In a data by the Philippine Statistic Authority (PSA), well-milled rice (WMR) in Davao del Norte increased by 2.54 percent to P47.97 per kilo from P46.78 per kilo. Regular Milled Rice (RMR) in the province is now priced at around at P43.20 per kilo, causing about 2.59 percent increase from its P42.11 per kilo price September last year.

In Davao del Sur, WMR surged to P47.91 per kilo from P46.62 per kilo while the RMR are available at P42.75 per kilo from its P40.43 per kilo price last year.

Prices of WMR in Davao Oriental had increased by 2.96 percent to P47.60 per kilo now from its P46.23 per kilo September last year. RMR prices had slightly gone up from P40 per kilo to P40.89 per kilo.

However, in Compostela Valley, both their WMR and RMR prices had decreased. WMR decreased by 3.13 percent to P43.89 per kilo from P45.31 per kilo last year. Their RMR rice had a slight decrease of 0.48 percent to P41.29 per kilo from P41.49 per kilo.

In Davao City, the price of special rice slightly decreased by 0.28 percent to P59.12 per kilo from P59.29 per kilo. Premium rice is now sold at P52.53 per kilo from its P50 per kilo price last year.

WMR in Davao City is at P47.27 per kilo, a slight increase from its P46.23 per kilo price last year. RMR is now at P39.13 per kilo causing about 3.19 percent increase from its P37.92 per kilo price September 2016.