INNOVATION, creativity, passion, and purpose are the elements that made Ricardo Lagdameo a successful entrepreneur and an inspiration to the business arena. This year, another milestone was etched as he became one of the finalists of the SGV Foundation, Inc.’s Entrepreneur of the Year 2017, representing a Davao-based real estate business. Lagdameo was among the roster of 19 industry entrepreneurs nominated for this prestigious award.

“I’m very proud to be sharing this recognition with Davao, which has long been ready for the big leagues,” said Lagdameo, who shared that he believes that innovation can bring forth opportunities for more business investments in Davao.

This young entrepreneur had quite a number of experiences in the country’s trade capital and abroad to begin his career before settling down south to finally enter into the family business.

Back then, Lagdameo started off as an investment banker, gaining experience with small and medium sized enterprises, before joining the family business as the head of Damosa Land, Inc., the real estate arm of the Anflo Group of Companies.

Coming from a homegrown family, he saw the culture of diversity in Mindanao as an inspiration for him to further grow the business and make Damosa Land a unique company among its competitors.

Sharing the same commitment to development with Anflo Group’s array of thriving businesses whose primary vision and mission is to contribute to the economic growth of Davao City and the entire Davao Region, Damosa Land rose to become one of the leading real estate companies in the region.

It launched mixed use development projects such as the Damosa District, a landmark in the city that features a PEZA-accredited IT Park, business offices, and food and lifestyle establishments where business and leisure meet. It hosts major events and happenings in the city, further boosting tourism in this part of the region.

The commitment for development and progress seen in these landmarks expanded to collaboration, something a very committed business man would do not just for the company but for the community, as well, which reflects Lagdameo’s brand of leadership.

“I always encourage our employees to turn around challenges and focus on what creativity and passion can do,” said Lagdameo, who believes in empowerment and puts confidence in his people’s work and capabilities.

Giving much value on giving back to the community, he envisions to aide, as well, in the progress of Davao City and the Davao Region.

With the sustained progress in the city came opportunities for residential investments, which paved the way for Damosa Land to develop its first horizontal and vertical residential properties. It did not stop there as soon enough, Damosa Land revisited where the larger conglomerate, where it all started, is rooted – agriculture.

Complementary to its agro-industrial operations is its PEZA-accredited special economic zone and the 88-hectare mixed use complex in Panabo City.

The special economic zone, with its proximity to the international container terminal, renders the locators an advantage that is unique from among all the ports in the country.

The mixed-use development, on the other hand, gives diverse opportunities to research and development as well as tourism with agriculture as its focal point.

With this, what the future holds in Mindanao is something to be awaited for, with Damosa Land’s aggressive but calculated moves. And it takes a good leader, only the one who is able to see opportunities in the unique and rather challenging topography of Mindanao.

This vision is what Lagdameo shares with his late grandfather, Don Antonio O. Floirendo, Sr.

With the region highly adapting to modernization, Lagdameo ensures that progress gels well with diversity in his mission. Part of Damosa Land’s success is the result of commitment, passion for innovation, working with a heart for its people, and the undying fire for development that will further take Mindanao far more in the future.

With his recent accolade as finalist in the Entrepreneur of the Year, Lagdameo serves as a testament that, with sincere vision for development, a community can flourish into becoming a melting pot of opportunities.

“If you do your job with heart, do it right, and with a vision of helping communities, you can be very successful,” said Lagdameo. (SunStar Davao)