THE local council of La Trinidad wants to have full and direct control and operation of its solid waste transfer station facility following the approval of an ordinance on its third and final reading.

Councilor Nestor Fongwan Jr., author of the ordinance said there is a need to regulate the solid waste facility after the operation of a solid waste transfer facility in Sito Lamtang, Pugis.

“There is an existing transfer facility in Lamtang but we do not have an ordinance to regulate it so in short we do not have a control over it, only the Department of Environment and Natural Resources,” said Fongwan.

Under the DENR law, operators can apply for certification of non-coverage where they can operate immediately of which according to Fongwan, the local government needs a full control on the operation if it is within the municipality.

In the new municipal law, applicants should comply with the documentary requirements in the establishment of a solid waste transfer station such as a written intent addressed to the mayor with copy furnished to the Municipal Board.

Applicants should also secure Free and Prior Consent (FPIC), certification precondition, location clearance from the Municipal Planning and Development Office, environmental compliance certificate and endorsements from the affected community and barangay council.

Operation of the solid waste transfer station should not be located near residential houses, churches, and schools within 100 meter radius.

Garbage should never come into direct contact with the ground and the leachate and drainage control facilities. The facility should be designed such that waste will not come into contact with surface and ground water as approved by the Municipal Project Development Office before construction.

The municipality will only allow one waste transfer facility at any given time and waste should be removed from the transfer station within 24 hours.

“Since the municipality has its own engineered sanitary landfill dumpsite at Alno, we should not be accommodating other waste facility in the municipality, but since we already experience an application, we should only have one. Imagine allowing multiple number of garbage facility within your area, it’s not already healthy for our constituents,” said Fongwan.

Violation of the provisions for the solid waste transfer facility will be meted a fine not exceeding P2,500 or an imprisonment for a period not exceeding six months or both at the discretion of the court. Three violations would merit the issuances of a closure order from the Office of the Municipal Mayor.