THERE is no giving up yet for homicide police investigating on the death of Agnelen Ego-ogan Uy, who was found dead with a gunshot wound in her nape in a green Kia Picanto last week.

An invitation for questioning at the Cebu City Police Office will be served today for the third and fourth men believed to have been with Uy and her husband, Wayne Christopher, in the car the night before the woman was found dead.

Senior Insp. Elisandro Quijano, homicide section chief of the CCPO, said, however, that they cannot compel the prospective witnesses to tell them what happened that night.

“We have no coercive power over them. We can only invite,” he said.

Back in city

Quijano said the two men, Joel and Rudy, must be back in the city today as he was told that they had gone back to their hometown only for All Souls’ and All Saints’ Days.

The invitation will be served to them in their workplace.

The investigators have so far gathered accounts of employees JR and Renato, who claimed they were with the couple, Joel and Rudy, in the car last Wednesday night.

They reportedly saw Wayne tie his wife’s legs with a silver-colored duct tape, which was still there when Uy’s body was discovered in the car on Almendras St. in Barangay Mabolo.


A closed-circuit television camera footage of a nearby establishment showed that a man alighted from the vehicle about 7 p.m. He was met by another man, who then walked with him out of the frame.

The footage, however, was so blurry that even Renato could not identify the two men, Quijano said.

JR and Renato had been asked to get off the vehicle in separate locations at the North Reclamation Area at 5 p.m., leaving the couple with their two colleagues Joel and Rudy in the car.

No one between them saw who killed Agnelen and how it was done.

Wayne remains a “person of interest” and not a suspect, although he is not yet off the hook as the investigation is still rolling, Quijano said.

He said they are not pursuing other possible angles or person of interest in their investigation unless the information they would be getting will turn out to be “hopeless.”