FIRST, they criticized his decision dealing Christian Standhardinger to San Miguel Beer from Kia’s first-round Draft pick.

Next, they now want him out as PBA (Philippine Basketball Association) commissioner “for loss of confidence.”

When their peaceful means would not sell, they go hard line—as in a Gestapo-like shortcut to achieve a goal at all costs.

“They” here are PBA members TNT, Meralco, NLEx, Alaska, Rain or Shine, Phoenix Petroleum and Blackwater.

They want Commissioner Narvasa to resign for allegedly being biased in the SMB-Kia deal that they deemed favored the Beermen and broke parity rules.

Countered Narvasa: “What call for parity are they talking about? I have always ensured parity in all decisions I made as commissioner, not only in the trade involving Kia and San Miguel Beer but even when Talk ‘N’ Talk acquired the first-round picks of Kia and Blackwater in the past to get Mo Tautuua and Troy Rosario.”

Narvasa is in a unique position, bizarrely as a result of a league law that says eight of the 12 PBA members are needed to oust a commissioner.

Thus, with “only” seven asking for Narvasa’s scalp, the coup could not be consummated.

So, for the seven to win, Narvasa must resign.

But is Narvasa resigning?

“Of course, I can resign,” said Narvasa, “but only if the majority of the league membership (8 of 12) would say so. We have rules in the PBA, and we should not be held hostage to the whims and caprices of a few who just called for my removal because they cannot get what they want.”

A lawyer, Narvasa, sure, is erudite.

“The Office of the Commissioner is not about one man, but also of the league,” Narvasa said. “Whether it’s me or anyone who becomes commissioner, the Commissioner’s Office should remain free to act in the best interests of the majority, including the fans.”

Narvasa is being backed by SMB, Ginebra, Star, Globalport and Kia.

It is five versus seven. A weird war as the minority holds sway.

Said Robert Non, the SMB governor: “What they (the 7) are doing is not in accordance with our by-laws and constitution. We stand behind Commissioner Narvasa. He enjoys our full support, and we have prevailed upon him to stay and do what is right.”

Sit back, fellas. It only just began.