GOOD day, all!

I’ve been a huge proponent of enhancing workplace fitness and wellness throughout all these years as I see it as a means to enhance people’s health, and from a business perspective, create a more effective and stronger company. While investing in workplace wellness is probably one of the last things in an entrepreneur’s mind, numerous studies have shown that these programs have the potential of decreasing operating costs through improving work productivity, decreasing stress and decreasing absenteeism in the company. Numerous studies also highlight the increasing correlation between mental strength and physical strength. So if you want workers to have stronger minds, you can start by making their bodies stronger and more resilient too.

Aaron Que, vice president for marketing of Golden Prince Hotel and Suites, invited us to speak on the hotel’s 11th anniversary to share simple strategies on how to improve health and wellness among their employees. We were able to lead them through some exercises they could start the day with.

While working on your health is a personal decision, I think that employers do have a role to play in encouraging their staff to get healthier.

One of the key points with workplace wellness is telling people that your physical body performs whatever work you do. Sure, you think out of your brain, and feel through your emotions, but you execute all of those through your physical body. And to an extent the quality of your output is partly determined by the quality of your physical body. Not one person can honestly say that they will not be better people and better workers by working on their physical health. Here are strategies to work on workplace health:

1. Fitness. Encourage employees to put in as much movement as they can throughout the day. This could be as simple as standing breaks, scheduled dance/exercise classes, or even putting up a company gym. Other companies find it beneficial to send employees to fun runs.

2. Food. Serve healthier food in the cafeteria or better yet educate staff on the importance of healthy eating through various infographics.

3. Friends. Create an accountability system at work through tracking health parameters. This could be as simple as weighing everyone quarterly.

With creativity and resourcefulness, I think there is a huge potential in keeping the population healthier through corporate drives on employee wellness and health. Always remember that a physically stronger workforce is a more productive workforce.