WHEN the Halloween cauldron is fired up, the steam signals a gathering. It’s one of those days in the year that members of the Davao print and broadcast media come together for some fun and games. This one is quite special though, it’s an event created by fellow media for media.

Scarevenger is on its 6th year and run by the same hardworking team since its inception—Mindanao Times and its partner venue, the SM Malls.

Costumes are encouraged but not compulsory. It's the presence that counts most. Like what Ian Garcia said, “The annual fun event celebrates unity and camaraderie in Davao's media industry.” That’s what counts most.

While last year’s group games but the brain cells to the test, this year challenged everyone’s skills on handling big balls…. on the bowling alley.

While my skills by the batis with the batya, palu-palo and sabong panglaba can be considered as almost pro, my talent on the bowling lanes are below that level. Luckily, my teammates Cristina Alivio, Juliet Revita and Adam Morrell, all from SunStar Davao, struck down the pins needed for us to take top position.

Team Labadami is this year’s group champion. On second place is Team Humba with members Rene Lumawag, Leebai Ambolodto, Rudolph Alama, Ian Ray Garcia, and on third place is Team Bing Soo with Bing Gonzales, Amy Cabusao, R-a Colina, Zea Capistrano.

Top scoring individual is Bing Gonzales, who bagged the SKYCable package.

Luck was on Joselle Badilla, Angie Chagas and Juliet Revita side. They each won a gfit certificate from Park Inn, Seda Abreeza and Marco Polo Davao.

This year’ event, was supported by NCCC Mall, SM Bowling Center, SKYCable, SKYmobile and SKYDirect, Seda Abreeza, Marco Polo, Waterfront Insular Davao Davao, Park Inn by Raddison, DermPath, WILTELCOM , Connect and S&R New York Style Pizza.

Scarvengers VI, oh what fun it is to ride the broomstick with peers. See you all next year.


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