It’s not just what is on the menu. Young diners these days, particularly those 35 years old and younger, want a cool place to hang out and take photos of.

This is the inspiration behind the 11 Vista Café, a rooftop bar that offers drinks and desserts with a grand view of the Mandaue City skyline. It is located at the FPN Epic Centre along A.S. Fortuna St. in Mandaue City, beside Benedicto College.

Lucille Pepito, marketing manager of 11 Vista Café, said they are positioning it as the new go-to place for the younger crowd where they could hang out with friends and enjoy the scenic background over a wide array of desserts and their signature Lover’s Shake.

“The owners thought of opening this café because of its wonderful background. Plus, they see a growing food and beverage market among the millennials, who want to dine out a lot, socialize, and take photos,” she said.

Because millennials are the type who demand new offerings, Pepito said they’ve brought the love padlocks concept from Paris, France and Seoul, South Korea to the café. For every order of a Lover’s Shake, a customer is given a free padlock, which can then be attached to the café’s fence.

Pepito noted that their love padlocks have become an “instagrammable” spot at the café next to the Mandaue City skyline. She said they also made sure they have a good Wi-Fi connection so guests could immediately post their photos.

“We understand that consumers these days, especially the millennials, use social media, specifically the photo-sharing social network, not only to document memories and the food they eat but also to decide where to eat next,” she said.

“We are constantly updating our menu, our promotions, and the concept of this café with these social networking platforms in mind,” she added. “We’ve seen how important social media is especially in getting more customer traffic and in engaging with our customers.”

Besides the “instagrammable” spots, 11 Vista Café is also offering promos such as unlimited cakes and iced tea for P100.

On Nov. 11, the café is celebrating Singles’ Day, an opportunity for their single customers to meet and make new friends. Pepito said they will treat their customers to a live acoustic night and a spoken poetry open mic session. There will also be a dedication booth, a get-to-know you booth, and a selfie contest, among others.

Diners can also enjoy a discounted eat-all-you can buffet at a promo rate of P200 during lunch and P250 during dinner.

Writing in Forbes Magazine on New Year’s Eve 2016, Geoff Williams pointed out that from its inception, photography has driven food businesses “to lavish attention to how they photograph food.” So how an establishment’s food will look, especially on social media, has become a critical success factor for the business.

The details will matter, Williams wrote in “How millennials will shape food in 2017,” especially those on how the food was made or how it tasted. He quoted Wanda Pogue, who has worked with food brands for Saatchi and Saatchi New York: “Food experiences are easier to share, more frequent and easier to replicate, giving them greater value and longevity” than other stagnant luxury products. (KOC)