THOUSANDS of people formed queues outside stores in Tokyo, London, Sydney and around the world on Friday as eager buyers tried to get their hands on Apple’s most expensive smartphone to date, the hotly anticipated iPhone X. Hence, proving that their flagship product still has the X factor.

Like any commodity, the company unveils little tweaks to its products every year to juice sales without really changing the overall experience.

This year’s Levi’s are a lot like last year’s Levi’s. And for the most part, today’s iPhones are a lot like last year’s iPhones.

But newest iPhone X shifts this notion. It got a stunning new screen with OLED technology, meaning the blacks are even blacker and the colors are way more vibrant.

Moreso, there are almost no bezels around the screen. There’s no more home button. And it has a new feature that unlocks the phone by scanning your face, which should simplify life (although some claim it’s not as consistent as we’d like it to be.) Not to mention all other specs that are aimed at technosnobs.

“I want this,” a friend asked me a day or two ago. “I do … don’t I?”

Well, honestly, I'm convinced that this new product isn't overpriced as everybody claims it to be. In fact, heaps of reviews say it's worth it. But do you need it? Heck, most people probably don't need it.

Seriously, what are your motives for getting another upgrade?

You may be easily looking at around P80,000 bill – all to impress your friends with your trending, top of the line, cutting edge phone. Toss in the new case you’re going to need, the wireless charger and all the accessories you’re going to want.

Well, that costs as much as a decent 90's car on the road, to be honest.

As for my friend, I pointed him toward a different phone should he still find one (I'm sure he will). Not the iPhone 8, nor even the iPhone 7, which are both pretty good options. But I personally prefer an iPhone 6S or maybe other brands that provide specs of the same caliber. I’m not crazy, and I’m not alone.

You see the Face ID and all the new specifications are just the start of a new phase of development. That's right. "Development" -- a work in progress.

We'll get used to it pretty soon with the years or maybe just months to come. So calm down and hold your horses!

Again, the price may be worth it for some, but do you need it?

Alright, if you say so...

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