PEOPLE wouldn’t have known there’s a “big brother” and there are “elders” in a fraternity. The Senate hearing on the death of a recruited member, a law student, is trying to identify the “big brother.” Suspect: a law dean. (God quote in last item below.)

‘Not guns, crazy people’

Following the mass shooting Sunday, Oct. 25 in Sutherland Spring, Texas, where 26 people were killed and 20 others injured, U.S. President Donald Trump quickly said guns are not to blame but “mental health.”

Another crazy man who had access to high-powered weapons, which crazy legislators have refused to regulate.

Just like in the Las Vegas mass shooting barely more than five weeks ago which had killed 58 people and wounded more than 500 others? A crazy gunman with an arsenal of high-powered firearms that could arm a company of soldiers.

The U.S. has had more mass shootings than any other country in the world. Because it has more crazy people than any other country?

Ex-girl friend moves on

The former girl friend of a former high-ranking Cebu City official has definitely gotten over her long-running love story with him. Proof of that is she’s now deeply involved with a new love interest, a City Hall watcher says.

Villegas sound bite

Dagupan Archbishop Socrates Villegas left a stirring sound bite in Sunday’s “Start the Healing” demonstration of advocates against extrajudicial killings.

He said real power belongs to the people, not the holder of power. Referring to a prediction by a head of state that the Catholic Church would collapse in two decades or so, Villegas said that unlike governments God through His church lives on and on. “God lang ang forever.”