MAYOR Ma. Isabelle Climaco-Salazar has promised the continued support of the local government in the development of young and promising athletes as part of the sports development program of the city.

“We strongly support the sports program of the city,” Salazar said as she recognized the latest batch of athletes who brought honor to the city in their respective fields.

Afforded recognition were the Zamboanga delegation to the 2017 Philippine Swimming Inc. Short Course Swim Series held in Butuan City that reaped a total of 76 medals.

Salazar noted that most if not all of the delegates are homegrown swimmers, who honed their skills through the free use of the pool at this city’s sports complex.

The mayor also recognized the Zamboanga City Bowling team which also garnered accolades during the Masskara Bowling Tournament in Bacolod City.

Salazar has promised the athletes the use of the local government’s facilities for their rigorous training, which is an integral component to the development of an athlete.

Salazar also said that she will be coordinating with the Department of Education to encourage equal opportunities for all athletes. (SunStar Philippines)