TO THOSE who are my age, you can surely never forget Thalia, the Mexican actress who has been dubbed as the Queen of Telenovela. After all, a number of her TV series back then were a big hit.

In 1990s, Thalia became a household name, especially in the Philippines, following her successful soaps "Marimar," "Rosalinda," and "Maria la del Barrio," among others. Yes, she was the original star who shouted the famous line "Awww" at the end of "Marimar's" theme song.

Some even considered her shows as the beginning of Filipinos' fondness of telenovelas, which has been sustained until the entry of the so-called Asianovela and Koreanovela.

What is the latest update about the woman who was said to have an extra tiny waistline of 21 inches?

Recently, I discovered that Thalia, who is now 46 years old, is an active Instagram users. She has been sharing her life with her fans and followers, as she continuously posts snaps of her family, particularly those of her children.

Married to Sony Music Entertainment executive Tommy Mottola for almost 17 years now, Ariadna Thalía Sodi Miranda is now based in New York. She is a happy and doting mother to 10-year-old Sabrina Sakae and six-year-old Matthew Alejandro.

Apart from being busy with motherhood, the Mexicanovela superstar is also pursuing her passion in music, modeling, and even in fashion design.

In the middle of 2016, she released her 13th album called "Latina," which consists of 13 tracks. She collaborated with Maluma, Silvestre Dangond, De La Ghetto, OMI, Jacob Forever and Chiky Bom Bom "La Pantera." Her newest project is also her first studio album since 2014.

Music has really been among the many reasons why Thalia is still popular to this day. In fact, she has already sold more or less 25 million albums worldwide throughout her singing career. She is still performing in concerts to date as well.

On Halloween, the singer-model-actress shared some photos and clips of herself on IG. She was dressed up in Shaggy costume while her daughter pretended to be Scooby of the cartoon show “Scooby Doo.”

“Best Halloween party! Kids were so happy, me included!!! Finally, I convinced my daughter to be Scooby so I could be Shaggy! @mrshilfiger Thank you! It was awesome,” she captioned her post.

The following day, she posted another Halloween party-inspired snaps. Thalia was wearing a Wonder Woman ensemble, showing off her gorgeous figure which she has maintained all these years!

To be updated of what the charming Mexican star has been up to lately, you may follow her on IG through the handle @Thalia.


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