WE DO not know if President Digong is serious about it. It is possible that he is trying to foreshadow what he wants in the near future. It is also possible that he is just testing the waters to get the reaction of his allies and his adversaries. Some believe that there are just “nationalists” around who were punished by Marcos and neglected by Tita Cory and PNoy.

There are varied schools of thought that could have been based on fiction or over-dosed ambition. The fans of President Digong are certain that he could just declare a revolutionary government because of his popularity.

They simply hate “this government” because it is controlled by the elites despite of President Digong. They are of the belief that the interest of the “masa” is not attended to and the “due process” that they want to achieve is just for the rich.

Some expect that under the revolutionary government, the president can make his “war on drugs” more effective and the political dynasties in towns, cities, provinces and regions could be put to an end.

Others perceive that in a revolutionary government there will be more vacancies for the pro-Duterte allies and the president can have his “chosen officials” to run the government efficiently. They believe that the landlords and “compradores” in Congress could be replaced. The judges in the courts could be “all the president’s men”.

Those living in Metro Manila dream of solving the horrendous traffic problem not by “regulating” it but by “controlling it.” Workers believe that now they cannot do so much. They are tied up because many of them cannot be permanent workers because of the employer-employee contract.

In a revolutionary government, they expect President Digong to be authoritarian… to be a dictator. Their minds are already exploring the dangerous zone.

There are some fragments in the alleged “convenor group” who believe that Digong’s government should have the following components: political, military and “masa.”

The three components should initiate counter-culture action to attain massive transformation of values based on “Dutertism” that could pave the way for a socialist (not communist) government. They are shouting, “We need industries… not malls!”

Whatever it is, these “dreamers” aspire to attain a common ideology for the transformation of a society. They would always say, “We are impatient for proposed reforms that cannot be materialized.

The time is now because Digong is “God’s gift” to the Filipino people.” To push this up, those who call themselves “dreamers” want to create a warrior class with ideology to support this “God’s gift.”

We doubt if President Digong will proclaim a revolutionary government based on this argument. The ideas presented by his dreamers would surely lead the Philippines to uncertainty. We do not want to go out again in the streets… this time fighting for “madness.”

The Cory Revolutionary could not be compared to what is being proposed by the “dreamers.” It happened because there was a “people power revolt” that culminated in the ouster of Marcos. Cory based her revolutionary government on her Proclamation No. 1… “Taking power in the name and by the will of the Filipino people.”

She is basing it on the clear sovereign will of the people expressed in the election of Feb. 7, 1986. In her oath, she swore to preserve and defend the “fundamental law” (not the Constitution) and execute “just laws” (instead of its laws).

There are holes in Cory’s Revolutionary Government. It was a “de facto” government but acquired a “de jure” status. There was no question then that the revolutionary government had won public acceptance and support. The Filipinos did not resist and there was recognition from all foreign governments.

President Digong cannot just proclaim a revolutionary government based on what he wants to happen… and what his “dreamers” want to happen. He was voted by millions of Filipinos who believe that he can be president by using all his powers under the 1987 Constitution. The sane Filipinos expect President Digong to maximize his powers… not his ego.

His “dreamers” dream so much. Prolonged dreams may lead to nightmares. A nightmare may bring us to a “valley of no return.” We should wake up now!