SUDDENLY, the word “aneurysm” is a household byword because of the death of actress Isabel Granada. Some even came close to panic mode because they started to suspect they were having symptoms of the ailment. Seriously, only the experts can tell what exactly is our state of health. Let’s not allow our suspicions and imaginations to get out of hand.


The same incident also highlights the significance of the status of celebrities, something which some of them don’t realize or simply choose to ignore. They don’t think of the implication of their actions or inaction on their followers who look up to them with high regard and who might just blindly follow what their idols do or not do.

Hopefully, these followers will use their sense of discernment before plunging into something serious or otherwise.


Even before beauty queens Megan Young, Pia Wurtzbach, Jamie Herrell and Angelie Ong won their crowns, some sectors already acknowledged the emergence of the Philippines as a “beauty powerhouse.”

The perception was reinforced with the said victories. Now, with the triumphs of Teresita Ssen “Winwyn” Marquez (Reina Hispanoamericana 2017), Karen Ibasco (Miss Earth 2017), Nelda Ibe (Miss Globe 2017 first runner-up) and Elizabeth Clenci (Miss Grand International 2017 second runner-up), who would dare dispute that fact?


Kim Chiu made good on her promise to visit cinemas showing her latest project, “The Ghost Bride,” last Nov. 2. She was even escorted by fellow Cebuano co-star Matteo Guidicelli.

As to what project Star Cinema will show next, promo diva Josie Pereyra is non-committal, adding that it would either be Megastar Sharon Cuneta’s or young star Coleen Garcia’s movies. Let’s wait and see.