CHRISTMAS came early this year for Cebu’s glamorous set as homegrown fine jewelry line Vero released “Art Storm,” its 2017 holiday collection at Anzani Prime last month.

The concept behind the collection is wearable art, basically creating art in the language of jewelry as told by G Young, the designer behind the line. “I have infused sculptural pieces, figurative art, paintings, basically those that you invest in—art pieces but in gold.”

This collection, like the previous ones, presents one-of-a-kind designs that are anything but conventional, loaded with character and staying true to the name (Vero in Italian means true). G veers away from typical forms of inspiration and instead draws ideas from the curves, geometry, character and grace of architectural details, paintings and sculptures.

“I draw inspiration from different mediums. I deviate from the norm. I don’t like conventional pieces; we deviate from stereotypes. The main concept of Vero is that I would like to create an edge,” said G.

“Something that’s different, something you don’t find elsewhere. The main goal is to create something new and innovate all the time.”

From necklaces to bracelets and cuffs, Art Storm seems like the perfect present for the modern women, specifically women who know what they want and get it.