THE Chocolate Hills and tarsiers, Baclayon and Loboc Churches, the bee farm and the Loboc river cruise, and gorgeous beaches of Panglao Island, these are some of the most popular attractions in Bohol. Have you ticked these off your bucket list?

When was the most recent travel to Bohol? With a Davao to Tagbilaran direct flight recently launched by Philippine Airlines, there’s just no reason why we shouldn't visit or revisit the place.

Yes, you’ve covered pretty much what there is to do in Bohol, but here’s another good reason why we should hop on that plane and spend some time in this Central Visayas province—to embrace the charm of island living at Bluewater in Panglao.

Dive into the Bluewater experience. It starts with an “Amuma” welcome.

“With an unwavering smile and a heart full of ‘amuma’, the feeling of warmth that radiates from the comforts of a timeless Filipino home; the very feeling that stirs inside you whenever you find yourself in ours. There is nothing like a Filipino welcome – and it’s the only way we know how to welcome our guests,” shared Manuel Sandagon, Bluewater Resorts’ Assistant Director of Sales, on his recetn visit to Davao.

Amuma is a Visayan word that has many meanings and associations. It means caring, nurturing, tending, feeding, and associated with a mother’s caring for one’s child or providing the needs of one’s kin.

“Spread over an area of six hectares, Bluewater Panglao creates a luxurious escape that honors Bohol’s natural beauty. Nestled in Panglao island with white-sand beaches, pristine waters and marine sanctuaries, the resort’s Filipino architecture and design complement Bohol’s culture, inherent warm hospitality and eco-focused initiatives. The design concept matches well with the environment - organic yet elegant, innovative and functional.”

These are great reasons not to stray far from the blue waters of Panglao and get the relaxation and pampering we deserve.

First, guests don't stay in rooms at Bluewater, but in “homes” they prepare for everyone visiting. And these homes are quite spacious for a family.

Second. Bluewater has a line-up of exciting adventures above and under water. From scuba diving to fishing, island boat tours to whale and dolphin watching, these are on the menu. Or you can work for the perfect tan at the shoreline, that’s an achievement.

The fun is not limited on water though. The activities on land can be as exciting as the ones on sea.

Third. Nothing beats food prepared with fresh ingredients and feasting on it by the seaside overlooking the Bohol strait. Aplaya, which means seaside, offers international cuisine and authentic locale fare with a modern twist of Filipino-Asian fusion featuring exotic flavors made with fresh local products.

Fourth and saving the best for last. How do you want to end an adventure-filled day? How about some royal pampering at Amuma Spa?

The spa offers services that incorporate ancient and modern therapies from Visayan-Filipino, Asian and western cultures. Choose which one suits your current mood best.

To heighten the Amuma Spa experience, the spa only uses local, fresh, and natural ingredients that enhance and provide rejuvenating benefits to the wellbeing.

You are in for a uniquely fresh and thoroughly organic spa experience.

Your Bluewater adventures may start at Panglao but it doesn’t have to end there. On your next vacation at the beach, head off to Cebu and stay at Bluwater Maribago in Mactan Island or at the Bluewater Sumilon Island Resort. Sumilon Island is one of Cebu’s best-kept secrets.

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