Tuesday July 17, 2018

Simply cute

JAPANESE designer brand Miniso opened its 36th store here in Cebu City. Located in SM City Cebu, locals got to indulge in all things the brand has to offer starting last Nov. 3.

Headquartered in Tokyo, it was co-founded by Miyake Junya and Jacky Ye, the Chinese entrepreneur, back in 2013. Currently, it has opened more than 2,100 stores worldwide, promising its customers top-quality, creative products at affordable prices, not to mention the use of the finest materials sourced from all over the world that are safe without harming the environment.

With a 560-square-meter floor space, the expansive store in SM City Cebu is the second biggest in the country.

Miniso features a colorful display of products ranging from those items needed day-to-day, to ones perfect as a gift for special occasions. It has items perfect for travel, health and beauty products, toys, jewelry, digital accessories, seasonal products and creative home necessities.

There are also office and school supplies, a jewelry series, boutique package decorations and stylistic gifts.

Beyond the cuteness and budget-friendly factor, Miniso assures its shoppers that undeniable Japanese durability the brand is known for.

Finding all things cute comes easy at Miniso. Visit the store at the second level, main mall atrium of SM City Cebu.