Tuesday July 17, 2018

Christmas shopping tips for the busy soul

CHRISTMAS is just about a month away and with yearly deadlines and targets to meet, how are you doing with your holiday season shopping?

Don’t you worry because I got you covered; here are some tips to help you balance both your busy schedules and completing your Christmas shopping list.

Keep a copy of your shopping list on your phone

Take a photo of your list or better yet, list it down directly on your phone so that you won’t forget about it. Putting your list on your phone means that you can squeeze planning and shopping when you have some time to spare.

Also, don’t forget to include your Christmas party gifts and even your Kris Kringle on the list!

Go online shopping

Too busy and can’t go to the mall? Why not opt for online shopping instead? Most online shops now offer cash on delivery options if you don’t have a credit card or PayPal.

There are a lot of great deals online and you can do this while browsing on your phone, so use your spare time during the day to finish off your Christmas list.

Use online shops for gift ideas and budget your gift shopping

If you are not into buying online, you may use browsing in online shops instead to set a realistic budget and idea of what you want to buy. This will make things easier when you already have set a day or two to shop for the Yuletide season.

Save some moolah and opt for thrift shops

There are still several weekends (five in fact) before the Christmas week, if you want to save some cash you can go to thrift shops to search for gifts. Thrift shops is not only limited to clothing items, there are also things like books, accessories, and even some designer items that your friends or family members might want for Christmas.

Those are some of my tips for those busy people out there. To sum it up again there are a total of 5 weekends left and a holiday (November 30 – Bonifacio Day) for you to find some time to shop. I know you, we can do this!

Until next week!


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