PORTRAITS of Davao City mayor, vice mayor and President Rodrigo Duterte at City Council were replaced this week with pictures of national heroes who happen to be members of Freemasonry.

Since last Tuesday, November 14, it was observed that portrait of Marcelo H. Del Pilar, Dr. Jose Rizal, Andres Bonifacio and Antonio Luna now hangs at the center front of the City Council Hall.

Davao City Vice Mayor Paolo Duterte said the hanging of the pictures of Freemasonry heroes was done to recognize their contribution to the country.

"These are freemason heroes, and Freemasonry remains alive even up to this day. We are celebrating the works of these Freemason Filipino heroes and the influence and inspiration that we draw from them as public officials," Duterte said in a statement.

He said that as officials, they stand on the values observed by the heroes.

He added that he learned from the heroes, the virtue of honesty, and respect to other people in the path of achieving desired goals. (SunStar Davao)