Friday July 20, 2018

Estremera: Choosing to be

IT ALL started with one, my former reporter RJ Nieto who has since transformed into the political blogger Thinking Pinoy, well-known for his incisive articles that provide all the links you might need and make it easy for you to understand his drift and in doing so puts many a journalist to shame if not expose them for the lazy recorders that they are.

Of course, those claiming to be legitimate media because they have their company identification cards hate his guts. Even the semi-legitimate hate him as well.

But that's just how humans are. We hate those who slam to our faces the fraud that we really are. I still have to meet a journalist who can churn out that much information at that speed. As he would always say, "Pasensya na po, wala akong time mag-proofread."

Even as an editor, I would forgive him fast, considering that his blog is a one-man army and he churns out well-researched stories upon stories. From RJ, several other political bloggers came this way and became friends.

After RJ was Doc Wee, otherwise known as Lorraine Marie T. Badoy, Undersecretary of the Presidential Communications Operations Office and former Assistant Secretary of the Department of Social Welfare and Development, who writes in the most outrageous and conversational manner in prose so colorful, heartwarming, and hilarious, it's like getting a lecture on governance while seated with your leg up at a sari-sari store and chugging down kwatrokantos pure.

Then there's Atty. Trixie Cruz-Angeles who can take apart a complex legal or political situation, deconstruct them into understandable language, and then you just get it, even when you hate politics like yesterday's leftover green salad with thousand island dressing.

There's another lawyer, Ahmed G. Paglinawan, the angry one, the macho in the parade of ladies and gays, but just as gifted in the brain.

The last one being Sass Sasot, the transwoman, the very minor blogger. (Just in case there are readers who do not get it, the very minor blogger title is a running joke and not an insult. While the transwomanis just stressing that we see nothing wrong with that despite the narrow-minded sneers of the bitter few).

Except for RJ, they all started out as strangers in the Internet whose views caught my attention and enticed meto follow them because, hey, they are making a lot of sense about this government. They have made tons of sense in the one and a half year that this government has been operating as against the thirty-odd years that the Yellow Government has been trying to swindle us up to our last centavo. here's a caveat: I knew Lorraine as Doc Wee-wee Partosa in the forum of our college organization, it didn't hit me that this Doc Wee and The Lorraine were one and the same person until we met a few months back.

Through these past months, they have been targeted by those who hate this government and yet they push on with their blogs and statements in social media. They have been insulted and humiliated, but still they write on and laugh it all off. Always sneeringly regarded by the ID card-bearing legitimate media as mere bloggers and always placed in the center of rumors as paid hacks and political moles, they continue, still laughing, getting more outrageous by the day.

Quebarbaridad! The upper crust would mumble, and they'd be more barbaric just for spite.

These people wear their hearts on their sleeves and they have placed that heart on the President, whom they see as the only President who has taken on the task to be the servant of the people, and forced the recalcitrant bureaucracy to do the same. While it's taking the bureaucracy some time to respond to the cracks of the whips, the cracks ring on. They are as inexplicable as the phenomenon that brought our mayor to Malacanang. They represent the collective anger of three decades. And because they chose the advocacy they have embarked on without even asking what's in it for them, then they hold the greater power against all opponents. In the end, it's the ordinary people who take on the cause and fight it out to defend their President and the country without even asking what's in it for them, who will ensure that this administration succeeds in its commitments to the people. Come hell or high waters, yellow armies or red.