HURLING baseless charges against a person is swift and easy. Disproving them is hard and complicated.

This was the situation Mayor Edgardo "Edpam" was in last week as the National Police Commission (Napolcom) included him in the list of local officials stripped of police control because of alleged involvement in drugs.

True to form, Mayor Pamintuan vehemently protested his inclusion in the list, perhaps sweepingly and hastily made without the benefit of deep validation and cross referencing and may have been instigated by his detractors out to damage his unblemished reputation and professional competence. He uttered thus: It is an utterly absurd charge and I challenge the Napolcom to immediately file charges against me if it has an iota of evidence that I am involved in drugs.

Damage has been done and inflicted not only on the world-class city mayor but also on his family and relatives. Th stigma is ruthless and unforgiving and only an absolution from the accuser could erase it.

Besides, Mayor Edpam claims that he has met President Duterte in Malacanang and the latter could have told Mayor Edpam about his inclusion in the list of local officials into drugs like previously did to other officials now included in the list of narco-politicians.

Pamintuan most rightfully expressed his fears of being killed due to his inclusion in the list of local officials linked to drugs like what happened to Espinosa and Parojinog.

Mayor Edpam, who is president of the League of Cities of the Philippines and has been branded as a world-class city mayor laments the damage to his image and reputation as well as its effect on the good image of Angeles City and its residents.

* * *

By the way, what has happened to the previous list of "narco-mayors" like former mayor Boking Morales? Have they been charged or any disciplinary action taken on their inclusion?

As it is, damage has been done on their reputation, including their families and close relatives. What, therefore, can avenge their ruined names and careers?

This case of Mayor Pamintuan is similar to that of former mayor Boking and others. His name (Mayor Edpam) has been smeared by his mere inclusion in the list. How then can he avenge such reckless

act? Hmmm.