BACOLODNON film director Perry Escaño was in his hometown Monday, NOvember 20, to promote his indie film "Ang Guro Na Di Marunong Magbasa.”


This film is starred by Alfred Vargas, Marc Justine Alvarez, Miggs Cuaderno, Micko Laurente, Lou Veloso, Mon Confiado, James Blanco, Loren Burgos, Kiko Matos, Joana Marie Tan, Marife Necesito, Alvin Barcelona, Ernie Garcia, Shyr Valdez, Paul Sy, Garie Concepcion, Lianne Valentino, Hazel Faith Dela Cruz, Tori Garcia, Richard Manabat, Kian Kirt Mejorada, Bon Andrew Lentejas, Dane Afuang, Bong Cabrera, Abel Napuran, Micah Musa, Leon Miguel, Cris Garrido, Rob Sy, Loraine Salvador, James Lomahan, Kim Llono, Jun Nayra, Jess Evardone, Vic Romano, Edmund Santiago, Hariette Damole, Angelo Estrada, Arrian Labios, and Ronald Regala.


This is a Cinemalaya 2017 full length finalist, written and directed by Escaño.


The film will be released in cinemas nationwide on December 6. It was last screened in Cultural Center of the Philippines.


It is a historical true story mixed with fiction of the farmer’s life.


The movie tells a story of an extremist group that trains children to fight the government and an illiterate farmer pretends to read while he attempts to play the role of a teacher to maintain the kids’ faith in education.