BAGUIO Re-greening Movement chairman Erdolfo Balajadia have urged the city to implement stricter penalties for those who continue to disregard proper waste segregation.

In the weekly Talakayan sa Environmental Code, the former councilor explained there is a need to apply stricter penalties for Baguio residents to follow the program of proper waste segregation.

“If they see certain leniency, they will continue to not follow the right practice," explained Balajadia .

Under section 201 of the City's Environment Code, penalties include a fine of P300 to P1,000, community service and imprisonment of not more than 10 days .

The City's General Services Office is also continuously reminding the public on the practice of proper waste segregation methods especially for business establishments to avoid from being penalized.

GSO information education campaign officer Joey Sison stressed the need for the community of a continuing education on the importance of proper waste segregation.

"Although we do apply fines for violators, we would still like to follow the process of informing them of the importance of proper waste segregation specially those coming from the source," Sison said.

Balajadia added the importance of waste segregation in the business world cannot be understated adding waste segregation is the first step in a compliant waste management plan that will help the environment and save the business money.