MALACAÑANG sought to assuage apprehensions that President Rodrigo Duterte will establish a revolutionary form of government, saying there is no reason to do so.

Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque said there are no impending "threats" to disrupt the government and the President continues to enjoy the trust of the majority of the Filipino people.

"I think there's no factual or legal basis as of now because the President has said he would consider a revolutionary government, if the destabilizers will persist in their plan to have him remove from office," he told a press conference in Davao City.

"Now, I stress, we don't see any threat, any such threat in the near future," he added.

Roque issued the remark three days before the scheduled rally of Duterte's supporters at Crocodile Park on November 30 to urge him to impose a revolutionary government.

Roque was confident that Duterte's approval and trust scores in the next surveys would go up.

"So we see no reason to declare a revolutionary government but we appreciate the support for the President, of course. But we assure them the President is on top (of the situation). He was duly elected, and he remains hugely popular," he added.

"The President enjoys 80 percent approval rating. He was duly elected. He had a margin of five million votes from the second highest candidate, so he is the de jure, he is constitutional, he enjoys tremendous public support, he has the support of Congress."

Duterte has repeatedly hinted that he might install a revolutionary type of government under his watch. He, however, has also repeatedly said that he was not keen to declare such under his watch.

In a speech delivered on November 23, the President gave assurance that he can address the problems in the country without declaring a revolutionary government.

He, however, warned that there would be "chaos," if his political detractors would continue to undermine his administration.

"No revolutionary government. I will ensure to you that I can enforce the law by just using the way that we are being run now," Duterte said. "But do not abuse my kindness because what you can do, I will do. If you start to assassinate people, so be it. I will give you the same. It will be chaos." (SunStar Philippines)