DESPITE a call for President Rodrigo Duterte to declare a revolutionary government, presidential spokesperson Harry Roque said on Monday, November 27, that the President is firm with his decision not to resort to such system since there are no destabilization threats yet seen against the current administration.

"We appreciate the calls of supporters of RevGov (revolutionary government) but I think there's no factual or legal basis as of now because the President has said that he would consider revolutionary government if destabilizers would persist with their plan to have him removed from the office," Roque said.

He underscored that there's no threats against Duterte's government that would push him to declare a revolutionary government.

"We do not see such threat in the near future. The President enjoys 80 percent approval rating. He was duly elected. He had a margin of five million votes from the second highest candidate so he is constitutional, he enjoys public support," Roque said.

Thus, the President sees no reason to declare a revolutionary government. He also cited the support the President is getting, saying that the popular rating of the President will continue to increase.

"We assure them that the President is on top, he was duly elected and he remains hugely popular. My prediction is his popularity rating will even go up from the current 80 percent," he said.

Duterte earlier guaranteed that he will resolve the problems in the country without declaring a revolutionary government. He, however, warned that there would be "chaos," if his political detractors would continue to undermine his administration.

"No revolutionary government. I will ensure to you that I can enforce the law by just using the way that we are being run now," Duterte said. "But do not abuse my kindness because what you can do, I will do. If you start to assassinate people, so be it. I will give you the same. It will be chaos."

Meanwhile, some three million participants coming from different areas in Mindanao are expected to attend the nationwide simultaneous Grand Rally for Federalism at Crocodile Park, Davao City organized by supporters of Duterte to urge him to accept the offer of the people for him to declare a revolutionary government.

Speaking during last week's AFP-PNP Press forum at The Royal Mandaya Hotel, Network Revolution Spokesperson Lawyer Joel Obar said that the event is aimed to synergized efforts to push the President to accept the revolutionary power given by the people so that the Federal form of government will also follow.

"On November 30, the people will proclaim the revolutionary powers that will be granted to the President. After that it is in the hand of the President whether to accept it or not. So far he did not say he will not accept. He only said he will not proclaim," he said.