I CANNOT imagine life in the Philippines under the Duterte Revolutionary Government. The revolutionary government of President Cory could not be compared to what is brewing now. We did not even feel it. It was intended to transform the country from Marcos dictatorship to a constitutional democracy.

There are varied schools of thought that try to explore the intermestic mind of President Digong. I am referring to how he would face issues confronting international and domestic concerns. When he was still running for president (based on my notes), his platform was anchored on “genuine change.” He has less than five years left to walk his talk… to prove his worth.

President Digong is operating on the constitutional democracy left behind by President Cory. He is functioning on government processes that allow people through their elected representatives to exercise power and influence state policies. Our “tough guy” president is not comfortable with this system on a “slow snail” pace.

The “Punisher” finds problem on his war on drugs and corruption because of institutional hindrances. He has to face the fact that the “power elite” really controls our democratic government for its own interest. Ordinary citizens are given participation without power… and involvement without influence. The majority of Filipinos is aware of this but this majority belongs to the “silent majority.”

This could be the reason why the “enlightened” and the “suffocated” groups are adding fuel to the flaming passion of President Digong to declare a revolutionary government. This could be easier said than done. President Digong here needs an educated masses, military with ideology, and political “die-hards” (not butterflies).

Behind President Digong, he got friends and supporters who are also “pressuring” his government for policies responsive to their interests and needs. This is elitism’s rival model that I call “pluralism.” President Digong cannot just accept them publicly but these groups stayed with him in turbulent and calm times.

What is left for President Digong to be considered is the declaration of a revolutionary government that he does not want to call “Martial Rule”… or else he will be tagged as the “new Ferdinand Marcos.” In a revolutionary government, he needs the “autocratic rule” (authoritarian or totalitarian). You can always expect that a revolutionary government will not just last for a year considering the geopolitical environment we have.

This “autocratic rule” will give President Digong unlimited power. He can restructure the government (Executive, Legislative,and Judiciary) towards his dream baby, “federalism.” That is granting that he has the full support of the educated mass, military with ideology, and his political “die-hards” (who are just waiting for the perfect time).

President Digong is perceived to be very good in “poker politics” and he will embrace “democratic peace” while fighting the “old” and the “new” terrorists in our country. His “theory of democratic peace” was already tested in Asia-Pacific Economic Conference (Apec) and Association of Southeast Asian Nations (Asean). The heads of state did their best to achieve what they want in politics, economic, and foreign policy. The Philippines spent billions of pesos in Asean Summit for that “fashion show,” “beauty pageant,” “food festival” and “poker politics” rolled into one.

After scratching each other’s back, the delegates went home after achieving their “hidden agenda” in the Asean Summit. From the “Dream Land” state, President Digong faces again his dream for a revolutionary government. All indicators have been manifested: the NPAs are now terrorists as shown by several encounters; the Isis-Maute Group is like sandwich spread in some areas in Mindanao; the China and Russian-made arms will be used against the terrorists; and the policemen might be used again to hunt druglords and users.

The “Dilawan” and their elite sympathizers will be tagged as suspects in overthrowing the government. The Bishop’s Conference of the Philippines will have more prayer rallies and ringing of the bells. The leftist students and labor groups will have more street demonstrations. The United Nations and the Callamard report will be blamed further for having its biases with the military. The homeless urban poor will always take center stage.

All these will sweeten the early declaration of a Revolutionary Government. The foreign powers will take their rightful posture in the Revolutionary Government to help transform (to suck) the Philippines. We need a new slogan. We need new songs and mask our faces to welcome the Revolutionary Government. Filipinos will be divided into three groups: conformists, non-conformists, and the opportunists. Take your choice in a genuine change!