Friday, September 21, 2018

Thoughtful gifts to give this Christmas

STILL thinking of what to give your family and friends this Christmas? If you’re already exhausted in looking for grand gifts to give them, why not think simple instead?

For this week’s tips, I have put together some “gift packs” which are perfect for giving this Christmas.

Binge watch pack

This pack consists of snacks, drinks, candies and a USB of Hard Disk Drive filled with all of the fave KDramas and TV Series of the one you’re giving it to. Perfect for that busy friend or family member who looks forward to the holiday season to binge watch and catch up on his/her beloved KDramas and TV Series.

Book lover’s tea time pack

Spice up giving books by adding their favorite tea, a cute mug and even some cookies! Book lovers in your life will surely love this and would definitely finish their book in no time.

Pamper night pack

Give some love to your besties by putting together this pack with face masks, body scrubs, nail polish and some scented candles. I always love giving away pamper night packs to my friends for the holiday season. It’s a simple way of reminding them to take a time off and pamper themselves.

Baking pack

Perfect for those who love to bake some goodies, fill this pack with baking ingredients for a simple cookie or brownie recipe or some new ones to try which you can find in online websites or in pages such as Tasty on Facebook. Baking lovers will surely enjoy de-stressing in their kitchen this holiday season with this pack and may even send you some samples! (*wink)

Those are some simple packs which you can mix and match or even personalize to fit the one you’re giving it to. Always remember that it’s not always the value that matters when giving gifts but it’s always the thought that counts.

Until next week!


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